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      Vol. IX, Issue 11 | June 1 - 14, 2021 | Frank-TV


Jesus said: 

'While you have the light, believe in the light,

that you may become

sons of light.'

-John 12:36

            'Your word is truth'            


News & Notable: Local 

Photos: A sunset at the reopened USS Midway museum (above), San Diego; it's strawberry pickin' season (left) on the Carlsbad field near Legoland; flyer for missing local teenager (right), Romoland post office. 

-Photos InterChurch News

News & Notable 2021

Volume IX, Issue: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Vol. IX, Issue 11 | June 1 - 14 (archive)

The Bible says: Proverbs 8:13 | Jesus said: John 12:36

Cover photos: Illegal Cannabis Billboard Ads? The City of Perris Code Enforcement is permitting cannabis advertising along the I-215 freeway corridor that appears to be 'attractive to children' or absent business license nunbers -- violations of California cannabis advertising law. -Photos InterChurch News


Children on summer field trip to Morely Field Sports Park, San Diego. 

Vol. IX, Issue 10 | May 14 - 31`(archive)

The Bible says: Psalms 16:11 | Jesus said: Luke 24:39 

Photos (above): A 2nd COVID-19 Spring, San Diego. A hummingbird draws nectar from a bottlebrush tree; the trail above La Jolla Cove's sea caves. -Photos InterChurch News


Fences are Relatives: 'Border Woke' (above) in South Park, San Diego.

Menifee: Car crash (above) at McCall Blvd. and Antelope, Monday, May 24.


Vol. IX, Issue 9 | May 1 - 14 (archive)

The Bible says: Proverbs 28:27 | Jesus said: Matthew 5:3-12

Photo Essay (L): San Diego: City in Focus. A homeless man sleeps on Broadway Avenue sidewalk in the 80 degree heat of the Friday, April 30 afternoon. -Photo InterChurch News

Volume IX, Issue 8 | April 15 - 30 (archive)

The Bible says: I Thessalonians 5:20-23 | Jesus said: Mark 2:14

Cover Photo (L): Lockdown Collateral Damage. Downtown San Diego's waterfront Maritime Museum is now open. for business, but ships show signs of neglect since state lockdown. -Photo InterChurch News


Mike Lindell (above) founder and CEO of MyPillow, launched 'Frank' Monday, April 19, a media platform to counter censorship of conservatives from Twitter, Facebook and other media over 2020 Election fraud evidence or views. Special guests included retired General Mike Flynn (below), and Harvard professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz. MyPillow Inc. on April 19 filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems citing First Amendment rights violations. Dershowitz, a Democrat, is representing MyPillow.

-Screenshot photos InterChurch News


Deadly crash: On Thursday, April 22 in Temecula, a fiery crash occured on the southbound I-15 resulting in a death and a DUI arrest according to a Press Enterprise report.

-Photo InterChurch News 


Vol. IX, #7 | April 1 - 14 (archive)

The Bible says: John 17:3 | Jesus said: John 3:14-15

Cover photo (L): God Keeps His Promises. Rainbow as seen over eastern San Diego county from North Park after recent early morning rain. 'I will remember My covenant ... when the bow is in the cloud' (Genesis 9:15-16). -Photo InterChurch News


2021 Easter Sunrise Service

@ Revival Christian Fellowship

-Photos InterChurch News

Vol. IX, #6 | March 15 - 31 (archive)

The Bible says: Matthew 25:42 | Jesus said: Matthew 12:36-37

Cover photo (L): Cold Silence, 8:15 A.M., San Diego. 'Is this not the fast that I choose ... is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house ...?' Isaiah 58:6-7 -Photo InterChurch News

Ben Carson, former Secretary of HUD, preserving America's heritage.


A San Diego landmark is gone 

Former San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium's

last remaining tower ...

... was demolished Monday, March 22, 2021.

-Photos InterChurch News


Vol. IX, #5 | March 1 - 14 (archive)

The Bible says: Amos 3:6 | Jesus said: Matthew 24:11

Cover photo: Menifee Cross and Coleman BT200X Mini Bike. Retailing for less than $600, these rugged off-road mini bikes could prove useful to pastors and missionaries in third world countries. -Photo InterChurch News

Vol. IX, #4 | February 15 - 28 (archive)

The Bible says: Proverbs 16:3 | Jesus said: Matthew 6:28

Photo essay (above): Early Spring: A time to plant. -Photos InterChurch News


A Time to Worship

Photo essay (above): Linfield Christian High School students and staff participate in worship service during the week of Winter Mountain -- an annual event set aside as an opportunity for students to bond with the Christian focus of the school in Temecula. -Photo InterChurch News


A Stadium for All Seasons

San Diego Stadium, San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, then again finally San Diego Stadium ... hosted Padres baseball from spring to fall, summer and winter Chargers football ... and is now 

going, going ...  

Photo (above): The complete demolition of historic San Diego Stadium nears. -Photo InterChurch News

Vol. IX, #3 | February 1 - 14 (archive)


The Bible says: Proverbs 1:7 | Jesus said: Matthew 6:24

Cover Photo (L): For Many, Calif. HIgh School Sports, Scholarships Put on Hold. -File photo InterChurch News

Notwithstanding other issues, California Governor Gavin Newsom refuses to follow the science -- that of the strong CDC recommendation July 23, 2020 to safely reopen public schools -- vaccine or not.

-File photos InterChurch News

Vol. IX, #2 | January 15 - 31 (archive)

The Bible says: Romans 8:28 | Jesus said: Matthew 18:6

Cover photo (L): Jesus. Trump. America. Tractor trailer (L) seen heading north on I-215 in Menifee this week.  -Photo InterChurch News

These tourists caught up with the last Summit meeting in Santa Monica -- next stop for everyone is Disneyland!

Vol. IX, #1 | January 1 - 14 (archive)

The Bible says: Genesis 1:1 | Jesus said: Luke 22:28-30

Photo (L): 'Just the facts, Ma'am.' Hot air balloon appears to park in Perris Landing parking lot, yet was, in fact, stationed in adjacent field. -Photo InterChurch News

January 6th: Menifee Police response (below) at Evans-Brown Mortuary slowed northbound I-215 traffic. 

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