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'People will do what they do.'

-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2020


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Photos: two political views expressed (L, R) on election day November 3, 2020 at Temecula's Duck Pond street corners.

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'Statues of ... Jesus ...

tear them down' 

-Shaun King

For a list of public or privately-owned historical statues torn down by Black Lives Matter supporters -- or removed by government officials -- since the May 25th death of George Floyd, click here.

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'A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.' -Proverbs 11:1


'Not normal times ...'

'These were not normal times -- Covid was affecting people's temper ...

Many times, as I watched scenes on TV showing packs of white punks dressed in black

throwing bricks and pointing lasers at law enforcement officers,

I felt like jumping through the TV screens

and personally throttling the little bastards [antifa]. '

-William Barr, 'One Damn Thing After Another'

Editorials & Commentary:

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MAGA, MAGA, MAGA ... MAGA this, MAGA that ... Biden declares MAGA Republicans 'a threat to this country'

Sept. 15, 2022

Make America Great Again Republicans -- are front and center to the Biden Administration concerns nearly two years after his innaguration.

Ten times (10x's) Biden referred to 'MAGA Republicans' in front of Independence Hall September 1. Two Marines stood guard in the background with a blood-red glow of light shadowing the Hall behind them.

It looked like a movie set for a '1984' film. 

Biden, acting as president of the United States, declared open season on those spotted wearing red MAGA or Trump caps:


MAGA-cappers attacked by Antifa-types at San Diego beach, Jan. 9, 2021. -Screenshot /Twitter

'Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,' the president said.

'MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people,' he said.

'MAGA Republican have made their choice. They embrace anger ... thrive on chaos ... they live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies,' Biden said (see full text).

MAGA, MAGA, MAGA ... Democrats in Washington have a habit of sounding like the woman King Solomon wrote of in Proverbs:

'It is better to live in a desert land than with a contentious and vexing woman.'

-Proverbs 21:19 NASB

Americans are relocating in higher numbers -- even Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are leaving.

Biden was silent on inflation, lack of baby formula on store shelves, hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated and unknown persons crossing our borders, doubling interest rates .. but it's MAGA, MAGA, MAGA ... they are the problem according to Biden. 

Like a line from Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals,' 'My policy is to have no policy.'

Other choice phrases in Biden's near declaration of war included: 'This is a nation that believes in the rule of law ... respects free and fair elections ... rejects violence as a political tool ... we do not encourage violence,' Biden said with a straight face.

' ... respects free and fair elections.' Click here for a 10-minute Democrat 'election denier' refresher course in the aftermath of  2016, 2000 presidential elections.

Note comments of 'illegitimate president,' 'stolen election,' electronic voting machine 'irregularities' -- absent is the media censorship.


Democrat presidential election deniers

  • Presidents: Jimmy Carter (2016/2000), Barack Obama (2016), Bill Clinton (2000)
  • Vice-presidents: Al Gore (2000), Joe Biden (2016)
  • Senators: Hillary Clinton (2016/2000), Kamala Harris (2016), Ted Kennedy (2000), Dianne Feinstein (2016), Nancy Pelosi (2016), Bernie Sanders (2016)


' ... rejects violence ... we do not encourage violence.' Well, the nation, yes. But Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi? No, according to their own deeds, words -- or lack of. 

'We saw law enforcement brutally attacked on January the 6th,' Biden said.

Not once in the Independence Hall speech did Biden call out the Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence, intimidation and threats America witnessed during the summer of 2020.

A 2020 Backdrop for Biden's MAGA Speech

Instead of Independence Hall, one could only imagine another backdrop for Biden:

In this backdrop, newsclips and YouTube videos are run of an estimated 570 violent protests in 220 locations nationwide within the first 103 days following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 (see: 'Demonstrations and Political Violence in America -- New Data for Summer 2020').

In this backdrop, business districts are on fire as Democrat-aligned Black Lives Matter, Antifa and thugs are busting store windows, looting and destroying mom and pop stores, beating and kicking store owners protecting their stores.

In this backdrop, while the 'mostly peaceful protesters' shout to 'defund police' -- nearly 1500 businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul are destroyed with total damage estimated at $500 million.

In this backdrop, on May 28th the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct is abandoned under attack by Black Lives Matter protesters, looted and set on fire.

In this backdrop, city governments allow 'Black Lives Matter' painted in large yellow lettering on public streets -- benefitting the nonprofit organization at taxpayer expense.

In this backdrop, then Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) tweets to 4.5 million followers -- as stores are looted, set on fire and police under attack -- '... chip in now to the [Minneapolis Freedom Fund] to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.'


'Chip in now ...

for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.'

-Kamala Harris, 2020 Democrat VP nominee


Photo: Tweet sent by then Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on June 1, 2020. On May 28, four days prior to her tweet, the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct had been evacuated by police under attack from BLM protester-rioters, who then entered the headquarters, vandalized equipment and set the building and police cars on fire. -Screenshot / Twitter


In this backdrop, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says flippantly to reporters, 'People do what they do,' as mobs tear down, defacing historical statues across America -- public property -- and in some cases, felony 'hate crimes' (Jesus Christ, St. Junipero Serra).

In this backdrop, nationwide families in compliance with state COVID-19 lockdown orders watch TV in shock as historical monuments are torn down, defaced or removed in cities -- as if America were occupied by Islamic State terrorists.

In this backdrop, the well-documented evidence in acts of 'insurrection' are commited by thugs, anarchists and Democrats -- not MAGA Republicans.

Democrat Party-Media Optics and Tokyo Rose

Considering the optics this mid-term year from the Democrat Party in the stepped-up attack on MAGA Republicans, Democrat leadership is using psychological warfare, aka Tokyo Rose radio broadcast tactics: 'This is the voice of truth.' Give up. You can't win (see: WWII Tokyo Rose Zero Hour broadcast).

For example, there is the optic of the one-sided televised Joe McCarthy, uh, Jan. 6 hearings -- the subject of election integrity would have better served the country. But a stolen election ... well those are 'baseless claims.' Tell Mike Lindell that. 

There is the optic of the unprecedented FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence -- to gather evidence, err, to retrieve boxes of classified documents reportedly belonging to National Archives. And perhaps to plant bugging devices?

Then there is the optic of when Biden recently referred to 'right-wing Americans' in another speech: 'To those brave right-wing Americans ... if you want to fight against this country, you need an F-15. You need something more than a gun.' 

A Tokyo Rose tactic to acknowledge an opponent's virtue and bravery, but up against insurmountable odds and ultimate defeat. Surrender.

The most recent optic -- after Biden's Independence Hall speech -- is of FBI vehicles swarming MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell at a burger drive thru with a warrant for his cellphone; he was not arrested.

Lindell, who also oversees Frank -- a livestream alternative to mainstream media's censorship of 'disinformation' -- is facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems (see: Legal Updates) citing his persistent claim votes were flipped to Biden through coding or hacking via Dominion's electronic voting machines.

The court case should be simple: put a 2020 vintage Dominion electronic voting machine in front of the judge and see if it can be hacked before the whole world. 

FOX News and former Asst. U.S. Attorney Sydney Powell were served similar lawsuits from Dominion. Lindell's trial is scheduled for April 2023.

Lindell recently released [S]election Code', a documentary on Mesa Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters, who ran a backup of the Dominion voting machine server, according to the film, before a planned system update.

The server backup she ran to digitally fingerprint the election, and the planned system update vote tabulations -- did not match, according to the film. She ordered forensic testing of the 'DVS Democracy Suite Election Management System' which showed 'shocking vulnerabilities and defects' and submitted the results to the Board of County Commissioners and county attorney. 

Peters, a Gold Star Mother,* was subsequently arrested and is awaiting trial (see: Colorado Clerk Tina Peters Indicted One Week After She Releases Findings on Dominion Voting Machines). 

'Election Disinformation is Dangerous and Threatens Democracy' stands out to a visitor on the Dominion Voting Systems website's welcome window. The site contains a lot of 2020 election Dominion-related lawsuit data. It is worth reviewing. 

But notice, 'ELECTION DISINFORMATION ... threatens democracy.' Compare it to Biden's Independence Hall speech: 'MAGA REPUBLICANS ... threat to this country.' Similar themes. Interesting. Is there a connection?

Five Trump voters died -- an unarmed MAGA Republican, Air Force veteran woman was shot and killed -- as a result of 'Stop the Steal' on Jan. 6. Hundreds of other Americans were hunted down and jailed, jobs lost, families disrupted -- over the questioned results of the 2020 election. 

Americans must have election-integrity. A May 2022 Rasmussen survey 'Election Integrity: Most Voters Still Suspect Cheating' found 55% of likely U.S. voters '... believe cheating likely affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.'

The president should have said the issue of 'election integrity' presents the greatest threat to America and we are going to fix it. 

+ + +

We do not condone the violence of Jan. 6. We do not know all the facts. Antifa-types are recorded smashing windows, yelling incitefully. But we understand the frustration and moral outrage MAGA Republicans -- patriots -- had leading up to Jan. 6 with election integrity in question.

And today, with the November mid-term elections in view, it is a moral responsibility -- to God and America's children -- to vote to resist a political party that:

  • buys votes with 'entitlements' at taxpayer expense
  • protects golden eagle's eggs over an unborn child
  • believes a male and male is equal to a male and female in the definition of marriage
  • believes men can get pregnant
  • believes California must be a 'safe haven' for runaways to receive sex-altering treatment without parents knowledge or consent (Calif. SB 107)
  • refuses to secure our elections, schools and borders

Seventy to eighty million voting Americans should ask, 'Where can I get a MAGA cap?'

King Solomon also wrote:

'He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.'

-Proverbs 18:22


* Tina Peters Navy Seal son's death was not the result of combat, but of.a tragic active duty parachuting exercise in New Jersey (see: Anne Landman Blog for 'Gold Star' clarification and discussion).

Note: This article periodically updated since initial publication.

OMG! Was Trump making a nuclear bomb in the Mar-a-Lago basement?

August 12, 2022

The British are coming! 

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post is at it again (remember the Trump-Russian collusion political hit series from 2016 - 2019?) citing suspicious (ficticious?) anonymous sources to sling spaghetti at the 45th elected president of the United States.

'Classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought in a search of former president Donald Trump's Florida residence on Monday, according to people famaliar with the investigation' -- according to The Washington Post Thursday

There are, of course, numerous scenarios The Washington Post would know the mind can play out in this unverified leak -- perhaps feed into the false Russia-collusion narrative.

We would not be surprised if The Washington Post 'sources' leaked they heard -- from other sources -- Trump was making a bomb in his basement. 

However, considering the source, our first instinct is distrust the information. Wolf! Wolf!

The Washington Post lost our confidence as a reliable political news source since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 -- as has The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Atlantic, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC ... the list (including social media) is long. 

Thanks to president Trump, we never realized how fake the news can be. We became trained to sort news from political hit pieces -- where have all the straight news stories gone?

Are you tired of reading -- or hearing -- 'baseless claims,' 'without evidence' or 'the Big Lie' attributed to proposing facts, opinions or otherwise to 2020 presidential election integrity?

Where is the attribution to 'baseless claims' in news stories to protect the news organization from a lawsuit? Who or what authority source takes the responsibility for the 'baseless claims' disclaimer? Dominion Voting Machines? Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)? The night janitor?

Who could have foreseen Twitter censorsing or suspending accounts over tweets protesting the 2020 marriage of keywords 'election and fraud' in America, i.e. promoting election integrity?

Yet, curiously for years, there was little hesitation (or censorship) in mainstream mass and social media pushing misinformation, disinformation fabricating Trump as an illegitimate president, such as this 'trick or treat' tweet to sabatoge a potential Republican Donald Trump presidency by Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton on October 31, 2016:

TweetJake Sullian, Hillary for America Senior Policy Advisor (above), currently serves as the Biden Administration National Security Advisor. -Twitter/Screenshot


Who made the unilateral decision to trust Hillary over Trump? Why not treat them as equals under the law?

Imagine, impressionable children -- and adults -- in America heard or read daily for years in most of mainstream news America's Republican president was a traitor who colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. 

Those censoring First Amendment Americans on their interpretation of 'disinformation' and 'misinformation' are the very Left and liberal voices who for years beat the drum for 'tolerance.' 

We do not trust The Washington Post. In America, a citizen is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law -- including January 6 Election Integrity 'Stop the Steal' Patriots -- as well as Black Lives Matter, Antifa and hired riot agitators. 

Please take note: The Mueller Report concluded (after the damage was done) 'the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the Trump Campaign conspired with ... Russia.' 

Yet, The Washington Post -- and The New York Times -- retained Pulitzer Prizes for their Trump-Russia collusion smear campaign sanctioned by Senator Hillary Clinton as revealed in recent court testimony by her former presidential campaign manager.

'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.' -Exodus 20:16

Repent. The Washington Post and The New York Times need to return the Pulitzers and issue an apology to Trump, his family and America for us to begin to consider them as legitimate politically-neutral news organizations.

'Just the facts, ma'am.'


Note: This article has been updated. 


Revisiting the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol protest: a patriotic sense of duty gone awry; the fuel that ignited Jan. 6


'There is involved in this struggle the question whether your children and my children shall enjoy the privileges we have enjoyed.'

-Abraham Lincoln, Speech to the 164th Ohio Regiment

August 18, 1864


July 14, 2022

The made-for-television January 6 Committee hearing orchestrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) has about as much credibility as third person hearsay entertained in The View.

Americans who bother to watch 'the hearings,' may be witnessing the pilot for a new Democrat TV series.

The Capitol protest January 6 is deserving of so much more unbiased analysis and privileged congresssional testimony to begin a process of healing in our nation -- even mass media has questioned the omission of exculpatory evidence

five Trump supporters died

A MAGA-Trump 'planned' insurrection, indeed. As an NPR report stated 'Capitol Riot weapons include bear spray, fire extinquishers and baseball bats.'

No guns were brandished by protestors -- not even by Antifa-agitators reportedly to have infiltrated the protest.

Lt. Gen. (Ret) Thomas McInerney, formerly assistant vice chief of staff, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington D.C., and a former FOX News analyst for 17 years, was recorded speaking informally to a small gathering in January 2021.

He said that special forces -- mixed with Antifa -- infiltrated the Capitol protest and took Nancy Pelosi's laptop.

'I've seen the laptop,' he said. 'Our special forces took it.'

Why hasn't retired Lt. Gen. McInerney been called to testify in the January 6 Committee hearings? Or questioned by DOJ?

The four protestors who died that day -- a police shooting, two heart attacks, an accidental overdose -- were president Donald Trump supporters.

Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died the next day of 'natural causes' suffering two strokes after engaging protestors on the Capitol's west side -- was a president Trump supporter.

Reports of Sicknick's death stemming from injuries suffered from a fire extinguisher or chemical spray were proven to be false. Nevertheless, Officer Sicknick's death was considered as within 'the line of duty.' 

unarmed protestor shot and killed by Capitol Police

Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot and killed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit -- a 35-year old white, unarmed, female Trump-MAGA supporter from California who was the first to attempt to climb through a broken glass partition in the Capitol.

Babbit may have been encouraged by an unseen protestor who shouted 'Go! Bust it down!' in the widely viewed video filmed by then-Black Lives Matter aligned John Sullivan -- later charged with civil disorder and unlawful entry. 

Byrd, who is black and a 28-year veteran of the Capitol Police, stated August 2021 in an exclusive interview with NBC News anchor Lester Holt, 'I saved countless lives.'

Byrd was cleared of wrongdoing. However, after reviewing over 500 pages of Freedom of Information Act Capitol Police transcripts procurred by Judicial Watch, attorney Tom Fitton said, 'There was no reason to kill her.' 

A disturbing, slow motion version of Sullivan's video published in Epoch Times shows 4-5 Capitol Police initially blocking the doorway and then shockingly move away to the side, standing-down, casually interacting with protestors -- even as the barricaded Capitol doorway windows are violently hit.

Babbit reportedly says, 'Stop! No! Don't' towards protestors attempting to bust windows.

Was it Antifa who shouted, 'Go! Bust it down!' before Babbit fatefully climbed up -- using unarmed hands -- into the sight of Officer Byrd's aimed revolver?

But this select committee is not about hearing the whole truth, nor serving justice -- as were the two erroneous, partisan House impeachments of president Donald Trump -- a fair hearing of the evidence is MIA.

To understand January 1, 2021 -- the committee, if honesty was in their best interests,  need take a balanced look at America in 2020.

What was the fuel that led up to January 6, 2021?

Fuel: Many considered COVID-19 lockdowns unlawful

In 2020, for much of the year, most Americans -- the nonessentials (children included) -- were forced to stay home from work, school, places of worship or play (no gym, baseball, playgrounds or beach). -- due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

For the first time in history, Americans were forced to stay in their homes. Not days, but months. It wan't under the threat of Russian nukes or terrorists -- it was a virus said to have originated from China called COVID-19. 

Tot-lots, parks, beaches, stores, schools and churches

were closed to children.

The New York Times said symptoms could be similar to the common cold or flu. But the numbers of people dying attributed to COVID-19 started increasing. 

A Riverside, California hospital respiratory therapist said, 'I used to joke about COVID-19, but not any more. You are talking to them one day, they are gone the next.'

Fear gripped many Americans. Most obeyed. But many thought the lockdowns unconstitutional -- such as Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco who refused to arrest 'nonessentials' for going to work to put food on their tables, pay bills and taxes.

Taxpayers discovered they were either 'essential' or 'nonessential' with nonessentials ordered to stay home, wear masks to grocery stores, banks and stay six feet apart.

As an 'essential,' Home Depot remained opened,

while houses of worship were ordered closed.

Not working meant unemployment applications skyrocketed. Taxpayers checked mailboxes and online bank accounts for their first unemployment and stimulus checks.

With in-person schools ordered shut, teachers, children and parents were forced to online learning. High school sports scholarships were lost or jeopardized; in-person graduations cancelled.

Children, parents, locked-out employees were in 24/7 home lockdown for weeks, months.

Adult children were prohibited from visitations with their COVID-19 hospitalized parents -- or to be with them when they were dying. Funerals in California were limited to ten (masked) family and/or friends -- seated six feet apart.

Places of worship (nonessentials) were limited by the state and local governments to 250 persons, then 100% locked down. Some places of worship refused to.close and were fined.  Most complied with public health orders.

Church, synagogue and mosque services went online. Pastors spoke to empty pews.

For months, Americans for the first time in our nation's history, were forbidden by the state to worship God with others of like-mind in houses of worship.

Local, state and national politicians (essentials) continued to get paid. 

Fuel: BLM-Antifa mobs looted, burned business districts,

attacked police, citizens

Then George Floyd died May 25. 

Floyd died in the custody of four Minneapolis police officers. Americans -- nonessentials still under lockdown -- witnessed via smartphone recordings, Floyd handcuffed, face down on the street, repeatedly saying 'I can't breathe' as an officer kept his knee on the back of Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes. 

A garage door memorial of George Floyd, South Park, San Diego.

It was a game changing moment in American history. George Floyd was black. And the response was swift -- and violent. 

It is estimated there were 633 violent protests in 220 locations throughout America including 48 of the 50 largest cities. Black Lives Matter were involved in 95 percent of violent and destructive incidents. *

It is also estimated there were approximately 11,400 peaceful protests -- but it's the violent ones we remember.

We remember store owners beaten and kicked by street thugs while their stores were looted, windows broken and stores set on fire. We remember the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct evacuated, vandalized and set on fire.

Fuel: Americans saw media, Democrat politicians

support BLM 'insurrection' for months

We remember police cars set on fire, vandalized.

We remember revered historical statues being torn down and defaced by BLM-Antifa, cancel-culture mobs. 

We remember Black Lives Matter leaders did NOT discredit or separate the BLM movement from violent acts towards American business owners struggling to survive from months of lockdowns. 

We remember Twitter allowing BLM-aligned Shaun King to tweet an incitement to commit hate crimes: 'Statues of Jesus ... tear them down.' 

We remember, when asked about the tearing down of statues, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said nonchalantly, 'People will do what they do.'

A boarded-up Santa Monica Business District after BLM protests. 

The CDC records a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths following July 4 BLM protests -- events promoted in media -- from what had been an 11-week decline in deaths.

Much of America stayed home and followed state and local orders.  

Fuel: 74.2 million Trump voters looked to November

And as Americans watch BLM-Antifa loot and burn business districts, mom and pop store owners being beaten defending their stores -- MAGA Americans patiently set their sights on November for resolution. 

Conservative right Americans looked to November because president Trump had proved to be a law and order president -- a man of his word. He was vindicated from the Russian-collusion fabrication which had been promoted daily for nearly two and half years by mass and social media -- a sabatoge approved by then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 


' ... the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the Trump Campaign conspired with representatives of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.' -The Muller Report (March 22, 2019)


Trump's presidency had been declared illegitimate since his election from Democrats, never-Trumpers and mass media.

The Mueller investigation's bottom line (repeatedly stated in The Mueller Report) was no one in the Trump campaign, indeed, no American -- colluded with Russians in the 2016 election. 

So as BLM-Antifa Democrat-endorsed mobs turned to burning and looting, law-abiding conservative Americans, at least 74.2 million -- who as a rule don't riot-out their grievances -- looked to cast their vote for Trump-Pence in November. 

MAGA-Trump rallies (40+) amassed thousands in attendance. Democrat-candidate Joe Biden spoke to audiences parked in drive-in theaters -- or livestreamed from his basement. 

As Americans watched election returns November 3, Joe Biden took the lead initially, but then stalled between 205-209 electoral votes as Trump ballot counts started to roll.

Suddenly, ABC News tallied Biden: 209, Trump: 212 electoral votes -- swing states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had Trump leading by 5 - 17 percentage points with over 53 - 70% of the votes in.

Ohio's 18 electoral votes were called for Trump. Florida's 29 electoral votes were finally called for Trump.

We projected a Trump victory at 9:50 p.m. PST on Twitter. 

Trump tweeted 'A big win.'  

And then suddenly 'the lights went out.'

Trump was ahead by a 15 point percentage in Pennsylvania with 61% of the vote in.

-ABC News, CBS News/Screenshots 


Trump gained 76 electoral votes (136-212) to take the lead

as Biden gained only four (205-209). 


File photos © by InterChurch News, except ABC News /CBS News screenshots.

Disclaimer: InterChurch News is not affiliated with or endorsed by MAGA; the list of grievances are viewed as by a conservative perspective. We endorse the 2016-2020 Republican Platform and endorsed Donald J. Trump for reelection in 2020. 

*  'I Can't Breathe -- How a Racial Hoax is Killing America' -David Horowitz, 2021

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August 23, 2021

The Taliban own America

-- for the moment


'Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.'

-Psalm 22:12

Say it ain't so, Joe.

The Taliban own America -- for the moment. Lady Liberty is on her knees, blindfolded and at the Taliban's mercy.

Why? The Biden-Harris administration abandoned ten to 15,000 Americans behind 'enemy lines' in the now Taliban-controlled nation of Afghanistan. 

The Taliban. The same militants the US-NATO alliance have been fighting for 20 years. We routed their rule of Afghanistan after 9/11 as they fostered the care and breeding of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. 

Did not a single mind in the Joe Biden administration connect the dots as to the rapid capture of cities throughout Afghanistan by the Taliban and not see the fall of Kabul before the August 31 pullout deadline?

Did no one in the Biden-Harris administration brainstorm a worst case scenario of the Taliban holding  hundreds, if not thousands of Americans as hostages and making demands of our nation? Or ______, _________,________ ____ ____? *

The world watched as desperate Afghans fell from the sky as they had clung to a C-5 Galaxy ** airlifting evacuees from Kabul.

When was the last time the world saw televised desperate humans fall from the sky?


It's not comforting for national security when the General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, says, 'Nothing I saw indicated a collapse of this government in 11 days.'

He just doesn't get it, folks

Say it ain't so, Joe.

The greatest military force and surveilance system in the world, and our military had no idea of the rapid advance in the region by the Taliban?

For Milley: resign. He compromised the safety of our nation and the NATO alliance.  

Covering for perhaps the greatest national security threat in America's history, Mr. Biden said 'I made the decision' in his August 20 press conference. 'The buck stops with me.'

But as America's commander-in-chief, Mr. Biden's radio tone projected annoyance in his first two press conferences (August 14, 16) since this debacle unfolded.

Sounding much like a flustered granddad to his grandkids, Mr. Biden seemed want to say to America:

'Don't you get it? There was never a good time to leave Afghanistan. You know, it's like changing diapers, it's always going to be messy. Now geeez, leave me alone guys. I'm going back to my nap.' 

For Mr. Biden: resign. He just doesn't get it, folks.

Is there a single soul in the Biden-Harris adminstration praying? Does anyone in the Biden-Harris administration ever ask the God of America -- and the universe -- for wisdom?

This unthinkable nightmare for America -- to be suddenly at the mercy of the Taliban -- was avoidable. The Biden administration had seven months to plan a cool, calm and papered exit strategy. 

Chaff with wheat 

Now, America and other nations are in emergency evacuation mode to transport thousands of Afgans -- with or without papers -- at the risk of transporting embedded terrorists -- chaff with wheat -- throughout the world. 

May God be merciful to America and to the thousands of Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan.

Say it ain't so, Joe.


*'Fill in the blanks;' edited for national security.

** CorrectionC-17's were used in Kabul evacuations, not C-5's; InterChurch News regrets the error. 

October 31, 2020

45,000 Evangelical pastors this Sunday can stir millions to vote

This final Sunday of the presidential election year is key as 45,000 Evangelical pastors can clinch a win for president Donald J. Trump and the pro-life Republican Party by stirring millions of Christians to vote.

Pastors can refer to the extended unconstitutional overreach of Democrat-run state and county governments to shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing suicide, depression and financial hardship among their members and staff.

Yet, in stark contrast, summer Black Lives Matter protests were allowed -- even encouraged; Los Angeles reported 50,000 in attendance at one event.

However, in contrast, churches in California, such as Grace Community, Word Aflame Ministries, Godspeak and Calvary Chapel San Jose have faced fines for holding in-person services -- well after meeting the COVID-19 'flatten the curve' goal set March 19 by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and Attorney General William Bar support the right of churches to assemble in-person under constitutional protection.

Trump ended the reign of terror by Islamic State which was committing persecution and genocide to the Middle East Christian communities and Yazidis while America was silent under former president Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden. (1)

We see a tearing down and defacement of statues in American public parks and churches by Democrat-aligned Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors.

Statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, St. Junipero Serra and even Jesus Christ and scores of others -- have been destroyed in an attempt to eradicate history deemed racist. (2)

Under a Biden-Harris win, religious freedom for schools, churches and faith-based businesses would find themselves in litigation as it was under Obama-Biden for Title IX LGBT inclusion.

There is no choice. The Democrat Platform is anti-Christ, anti-God. The Republican Platform is pro-Christ, pro-God.

A win for the Democrat Party will set this country on a socialist and sin-ridden course from which it may never recover.

It is imperative to save our children's future by encouraging congregations to vote Republican -- however that message can be conveyed. 

The pastor of Revival Christian Fellowship in Menifee, John Miller, reminds his congregation he votes for whichever Party protects the sanctity of life and marriage.

Amen. And we would add protects police, is for school choice, birth-gender identity to use public bathrooms and participate in sports, proof of identity to vote ... 



1) 'The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East -- Prevention, Prohibition and Prosecution,' Edited by Ronald J.Rychlak, Jane F. Adolphe.

2) 'Dark Agenda -- The War to Destroy Christian America,' by David Horowitz. 

October 27, 2020

We need to win this election for the sake of our children

On a bicycle, you need two pedals to get to where you need to go. One pedal won't get you there. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence -- the two pedals -- need two full terms to finish the race so boldy set in 2016.

The Senate partisan confirmation this week of Amy Coney Barrett, 48, to the Supreme Court is a great moment for our Constitutional freedom.

Yet, her vote on the bench will be neutralized if Justice Stephen Breyer (82) Clarence Thomas (72) or Samuel Alito (70) were to retire and replaced by nominees from a president Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris) and a Democrat Senate majority.

American citizens who love this country need a law and order president -- and vice-president -- who promote and protect our police and our citizens; not Washington D.C. leadership who will demean, disarm them and cause fear among law-abiding people.

America is not systemically racist. People of color from other countries want to live in America and escape their countries. It's laughable to hear the race card from people of color working as journalists, in entertainment, education, business, politics, the medical profession and even the church.

America has laws, courts and juries to protect her citizens of all colors and predispositions when laws are broken -- especially tragic when broken by those in positions of authority. 

What's needed is Civics 101 courses in primary and secondary education to train children to be respectful and wise citizens. Schools need to elevate and emphasize content of character -- not skin color.

Taxpayer-funded government schools need to reintroduce the Bible -- the real founding document of our society -- back into the disciplines of literature, history, science and comparative religion. 

In Trump, we finally elected a president who is a businessman and is trying to run America like a corporation. Tax cuts initiated by his administration created bonuses and pay raises to workers in large corporations. Interest rates fell below 4% for home loans. Before COVID-19, unemployment fell to record levels for all Americans. 

Yet, for two and half years, Trump was called an American traitor by the Democrat-run media and elected Democrats -- by the likes of Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and senators Chuck Schummer (D-NY)  and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

They falsely and repeatedly said Trump collusioned with Russia to win the 2016 election. Former president Jimmy Carter (D-GA) joined the chorus led by fomer Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY) chanting Trump was an illegitimate president.

Before the Mueller Report.

Created May 17, 2017, the Office of the Special Counsel incorporated in its height 40 FBI agents and 19 crack attorneys hired by former FBI Director Rober Mueller to investigate whether Trump and his 2016 presidential election campaign colluded with Russian election interference to win. 

The Mueller Report -- a New York Times best seller -- states the Office of the Special Counsel issued more than 2800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search-and-seizure warrants, 230 orders for communications records ... about 500 witnesses were interviewed -- 80 before a grand jury. 

Yet, Mueller concluded and repeated in his report on March 22, 2019: ' ... the investigation did not establish that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.' 

Trump has supported the bipartisan Opportunity Zone program authored by Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) pooling nearly $75 billion of private sector funds into distressed zip code zones to create jobs and opportunities.

The Trump Administration provided the most funding on record -- $360 million -- to 101 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Trump signed the First Step Act in 2018 -- long overdue criminal justice reform to help end recidivism primarily of the black prison population.

He left the Reform Party in 2000 stating in a press release ' ... the Reform Party now includes a Klansman, -Mr. Duke, a Neo-Nazi -Mr. Buchanan, and a Communist, -Ms. Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep.'

The promises candidate Trump made on the campaign trail in 2016 are as nearly equal to the promises president Trump has kept in 2020.

As president, Trump has spoken at length for the rights of the unborn in each State of the Union address and passed restrictive legislation limiting federal funding of Planned Parenthood and worldwide abortion.

Trump, Pence and Attorney General William Barr have advocated for the right of churches, syngogues, mosques and temples to remain open during COVID-19 state lockdowns.  

The president in his first term of office -- under constant attack from mainstream media and Democrats (who needs the Russians?) -- stayed the course.

Do not second guess a vote for Trump. We didn't elect a 'Billy Graham' to wrestle with deep state corruption in D.C. The president has been tested in fire and been proved a patriot, trustworthy and loyal to our nation's principles. We need to continue to pray for him and America.

All hands on deck! The conservative Evangelical vote is needed to elect president Trump and the Republican Party -- up and down the ballot --  on or by November 3rd.

Vote to Make America Great Again. Leave a legacy of protecting religious freedom for our children's children. 

'Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive against them. Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely.' -Proverbs 28:4-5

Photos: A Working President. President Donald Trump (top, L) addresses a Pennsylvania MAGA rally Monday, October 26; President Trump later that evening (above) speaks to the nation moments before Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as the 115th associate justice to the U.S. Supreme Court by associate justice Clarence Thomas. -Screen shot photos

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October 1, 2020

Debate Analysis: President Trump's anger, frequent interuptions at Joe Biden justified as an American patriot and businessman

Joe Biden: 'How ya doing, man?'

'Sir' was the more appropriate greeting. Soon after, Republican president Donald Trump unleashed a Normandy-like verbal assault on the 77-year old politician not seen in a presidential debate -- and to negative reviews.

But patriots and small business owners got it. 

Former vice-president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden cannot feel the pain of mom and pop business owners that failed from state COVID-19 shutdowns.

And if shutdowns didn't kill their business -- Black Lives Matter rioters and looters did.

Trump knows business -- how businessman feel and think. He has come back from bankruptcies. He knows their pain, fear and frustration in a way Joe Biden never could.

Biden has had a secure government paycheck for 47 years -- as secure and steady as state shutdown Democrat politicians and their public health officials.

Biden's stomach isn't twisted in knots about his financial situation or his looted store. 

'How ya doing man?'

President Trump is our hired bodyguard. His actions to protect the Constitution, defend our country, her schools, freedom of religion and free speech speak louder than his tweet storms.

He stands for law and order -- and blocks the way for those who seek to disrupt and destroy the freedom our Founding Fathers intended. 

Glaring at Joe Biden on the same stage, Trump's blood must have been boiling. Biden represents --not the Democrat Party of John Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey-- but the chaos of the socialist, looting Left.

Biden does not have a Christ-centered backbone. As a Catholic, he votes party line for abortion and same-sex marriage rather than take a stand with his church's edicts -- another target of the Left.

Suspect in Black Lives Matter summer riots were angry Sen. Bernie Sanders minions -- without job, school or family obligations -- complicit in looting and burning mom and pop stores making a comeback after months of shutdowns. (1, 2) 

(Project Veritas released undercover videotapes in January of 'Bernie for President' precinct workers boasting cities would burn if the Democratic Socialist lost the Party ticket -- or if Trump won. Sanders quit April 7th to endorse Biden, stating: 'I will do everything I can to make sure that Donald Trump is not reelected.') (3, 4, 5, 6)

American patriots watched in disgust and anger as Democrat-run states and cities allowed festive mobs to tear down and defame scores of public and privately-owned historical figure statues across the nation including St. Junipero Serra, Christopher Columbus, Jefferson Davis, Francis Scott Key and Ulyssess S. Grant -- the list is long.

Our country looks like the beginnings of Islamic State. Our police are hated, attacked, outnumbered, ordered to stand down ... and quitting -- because of Democrats.

It's not Republicans who riot and loot -- not Libertarians.

Democrat politicians have called federal reinforcements 'stormtroopers.'

We saw looters chasing and beating owners protecting their stores; megaphone protests in cities and suburbs shouting 'this is our neighborhood' ... yet the vast majority of healthy taxpayers are ordered to stay home, not go to work, school or church.

Didn't the taxpayers flatten the coronavirus curve five months ago? 

'Let me shut you down, Joe,' the president said. 

Trump gets it -- he shut down, gave a stay home order to the Left's point man.



1. 'Bernie Sanders compares George Floyd Riots to Tiananmen Square Massacre,' Jerusalem Post, June 5, 2020. 

2. 'Who Exatly Is Doing the Looting, And Who's Being Looted?' Jacobin, June 2020 (a 'Democratic Socialist' magazine; author was Sander's campaign speechwriter).

3. 'Sanders Campaign Workers Want to 'Guillotine the Rich,' Send Republicans to Gulags.' Review Journal, February 1, 2020. Quote from campaign worker: 'After we abolish landords, we don't have to kill them.' 

4. 'Bernie Staffer: Kill Political Opponents, Burn People In Streets, Cops to Be 'Beaten' if Bernie Loses,' Daily Wire, January 14, 2020.

5. 'Revealing the Socialist, Radical Revolutionaries Who Have Invaded the George Floyd Protests,' Townhall, June 3, 2020.

6. 'Bernie Sanders Says Ultra Rich Have Been Looting America for 40 Years,' Fox News, June 1, 2020. 

Photos: (top left) Republican President Donald Trump listens as Democrat presidential challenger Joe Biden answers a moderator question at first 2020 Presidential Debate, September 29, 2020; (above) After Black Lives Matter riots, businesees are boarded-up and streets are quiet in Santa Monica at the height of summer tourism. 

C-SPAN screen shot debate photo InterChurch News; Santa Monica street photo InterChurch News

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September 21, 2020

Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge


'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.'

-Hosea 4:6

Never before in California's history does the church need to exercise her constitutional right to freedom of religion, speech and the press to proclaim the gospel on the one hand -- and to encourage the faithful to vote Republican on the other.

In Sacramento, there is a den of Democrat thieves -- robbing school children of innocence -- and aggresively assaulting truth, Christianity, birth idenity and traditional marriage. An awakened, well-informed, united voting church can change the political landscape for the safety of generations to follow -- God willing.

Sinful bills are being passed by the Democrat legislature without our full knowledge.

SB 145 -- signed into law last week by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom -- allows judges descretion to withhold names from the Megan's Law sex offender list.

For example, a judge could decide to withhold the name of a 23-year old homosexual adult convicted of 'consensual' sex with a 14-year old boy and he would then be 'off the radar' from the sex offender registry. 

Shockingly, the same ten-year age range judicial descretion has been allowed in California for heterosexual sex offenders since the '40s.

As state senator Melissa Melendez (R) stated, the gay-rights state senator who sponsored the bill should have sought to repeal the existing law, but instead -- 'a bad law was made worse.'

Let's not leave California as it is today for our children and grandchildren to inherit -- if the Lord should tarry.

On May 4, 2017 President Donald Trump signed the executive order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty thereby diminishing -- but not eliminating -- the Johnson Amendment that conservative pastors and churches learned to fear since 1954.

The Johnson Amendment prohibits non-profit organizations from endorsing political candidates or parties. Petitions, ballot items and party platform activity or speech has been allowable to a degree. 

Trump's executive order took the muzzle off pastors to preach -- to protect Christians, the nation, the unborn and traditional marriage.

'In America,' the president said at the signing ceremony, 'we don't fear people speaking freely from the pulpit -- we embrace it [and] we are giving our churches their voices back.'

The landmark executive order states: 'Federal law protects the freedom of Americans and their organizations to exercise religion and participate fully in civic life without undue interference by the Federal Government.' (1)

Further: 'In particular, the Secretary of the Treasurer shall ensure, to the extent permitted by law, that the Department of the Treasury does not take any adverse action against any individual, house of worship, or other religious organization on the basis [they] have spoken about moral or political issues from a religious perspective, where speech of similar character has ... not ordinarily been treated as participation or intervention in a political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) a candidate for public office by the Department of the Treasury.' 

Thanks to president Trump, vice-president Mike Pence and their administration, congregations up and down California can be encouraged to speak out, rise up and vote wisely.

Church leaders have been heard to say (even during the COVID-19 shutdown) that 'it doesn't matter' who is in the White House -- that God 'is in control' and 'on the throne.'

God is indeed, sovereign. However, biblical history records the consequences of good and bad leadership. A careless public statement that 'it doesn't matter' is biblically wrong -- it can deter voters from participating within the most feared voting block that meets 52 times a year.

Is it coincidence -- six months into a 15-day 'flatten the curve' shutdown -- houses of worship are denied full rights of assembly in this presidential election year?

It does matter who is in the White House -- who is governor, who is elected to the state legislature, who is senator, mayor and school board member. 

Just look around.

Photo: Campaign signage in South Park, San Diego. 

September 8, 2020

Do Facts Matter?

The Black Lives Matter and Democratic politicians reaction to the recent police shooting of Jason Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin is an example of reality upside down. 

Jason Blake, 29, was shot seven times on August 23 as police responded to a 911 call.

His ex-girlfriend (and mother of his three children) reported Blake was attempting to steal her car -- he had an outstanding warrant for sexual assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

The Kenosha Professional Police Association (KPPA) released their statement of 'undisputed factson August 28. The facts are:

  • police were aware of Blake's outstanding warrant for sexual assault
  • Blake was not breaking up a fight between two females when police arrived
  • Blake resisted arrest; put a police officer in a headlock
  • Blake was tasered twice with no effect
  • Blake was armed with a knife; officers told him to drop the knife
  • Blake did not own the silver SUV he attempted to enter [with three children inside] 

Worth repeating: Blake resisted arrest, was tasered twice with no effect, headlocked an officer, was armed with a knife and was attempting to steal his ex-girlfriends car with the three children in it when officers opened fire. 

If the officer had shot Blake once -- as some advocate -- to disable him, but that failed, Blake could have grabbed one of his kids and held them hostage, or drove off possibly kidnapping and endangering their lives.

The public doesn't know yet how much the safety of the children were a factor in the decision to shoot -- if any. But according to the KPPA report, we know enough that Blake was not making good choices with a police presence -- and that signals to police officers a person is a threat to public health and safety. 

Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris (Calif.) met with Blake in his hospital room; he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Harris, according to Blake's attorney, told Blake she is 'proud' of him. 

In 2018, Senator Harris media-lynched U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- a distinquished federal judge -- for a sex assault accusation (never substantiated) in the view of all America during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

Without a trial, without the presumption of innocence (it was a job interview), Harris told judge Kavanaugh's sexual assault accuser, Christine Blassey Ford, 'I believe you.' 

But Harris praised Blake who has a warrant for sexual assault, resisted arrest and made bad choices in police presence with consequenes that resulted in being shot by police, which then fueled riots and caused looting and devastation of mom and pop enterprises in Kenosha.

And soon after Harris left, Blake entered a plea of 'not guilty' for sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

In 2020, Harris, in effect, is telling Blake's ex-girlfriend -- 'I don't believe you.' Or, 'I don't care.'

Do facts matter?

With the focus on police reform, educate the public on how to properly respond to police -- to make good choices. Police community education should begin in elementary school: Citizenship 101.

It starts simple. 'Yes sir.' 'No sir.' Hands at 10 and 2 o'clock on the steering wheel. 

Photo (L): Black Lives Matter supporters in Temecula. -Photo InterChurch News

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September 5, 2020

The Atlantic: 'Losers' and 'Suckers'

Consider the source. Not unbiased, The Atlantic magazine produced a five year history of anti-Trump cover stories written by editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg -- who was instrumental in the The Atlantic's endorsement of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run. 

(Golberg and the former Secretary of State should have had a collective cry over 'What Happened.')

But the anonymous-sourced September 3rd cover story by Goldberg: ''Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are 'Losers' and 'Suckers''' hits bottom for The Atlantic -- and American journalism.

Goldberg could not get one of his 'multiple sources' to go on record for a sniper-level hit piece about disparaging remarks the president is alleged to have said about American troops.

The frequency of quoting 'anonymous' -- which some by now think is the name of a real person -- reinforces the 'Fake News' perception many Americans have of the press.

Goldberg's story was immediately refuted by many, including former National Security Advisor and critic John Bolton, Vice President Mike Pence and his National Security Advisor General Keith Kellogg.

Russian assets: The Atlantic, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Photo (L): Citizens welcome the new Menifee Police Department. -Photo InterChurch News

August 31, 2020

Regarding SB 145 -- the Sex Offenders Registration Law: Sex Offenders Should Be Executed. Period. 

If you haven't checked into the registered sex offender California Megan's Law Website for a while, click here and enter your street address and zip code.

Then check a ten mile radius around your home. Today's surrounding dots of registered sex offenders is why California neighborhoods lack the daily laughter of children -- playing freely.

The 1972 Gay Rights Platform, drafted in Chicago, set federal and state goals -- an agenda -- to embed the LGBT lifestyle into America.

Forty-eight years later, via lawsuits, liberal judges, corruption of words, Judeo-Christian tolerance, ignorance and intimidation -- nearly all of their 1972 agenda goals have been met.

Of the few remaining Platform goals, one is aimed at the state level: Repeal all laws governing the age of sexual consent.  

Pedophilia: an abnormal condition where an adult has a sexual desire for children (Websters New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, Second Edition). 

SB 145 -- which passed in the Assembly and Senate today -- was introduced in January 2019 by gay activist and Democrat California State Senator Scott Wiener.

SB 145 is intended to allow a judge discretion to not register gay sex offenders if the offender and the consenting victim's age range is ten years or less.

Simply stated, if a 23-year old gay male commits a homosexual sex act on a consenting 14-year old male, a judge -- under SB 145 -- will have discretion whether or not the offending person needs to register in the data bank. 

Sex offender sodomy crimes against minors are listed in California Penal Code 286, chapter 5: Bigamy, Incest and the Crime Against Nature. SB 145 is an amendment to California Penal Code 290 - The Sex Offender Registration Act

Sadly, the ten year age range discretionary call for judges already exists for heterosexuals, Wiener has stated.

According to Senate Third Reading documents of July 11, 2019, Wiener argued: 'If a 19-year-old man is convicted of having sex with his 17-year-old boyfriend, he must register as a sex offender. But that may not be the case for a 24-year-old man who gets a 15-year-old girl pregnant -- he can avoid sex offender registration if a judge decides it's unnecessary. This distinction in the law is irrational and discriminatory towards LGBTQ youth ...' 

Notice Wiener says '... youth.'

A Senate Public Safety hearing on April 8, 2019 states: The purpose of the bill is 'to equalize the registration requirements for specified voluntary sexual offenses involving minors aged 14-17, with a person not more than ten years older.'

Why a 'ten year' age range from adult to LGBTQ 'youth' sex?

Make no mistake, this proposed amendment by the senator representing San Francisco is a gateway for the 1972 LGBT agenda to 'repeal all laws governing the age of consent.'

120,000 monitored sex offenders in our communities

The California attorney general states the office oversees 'the monitoring and registration of over 120,000 California sex offenders.'

The Bible states clearly in the Old and New Testaments homosexuality is a sin -- as is fornication. But Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed specifically because of the sin of homosexuality (Jude 1:7).

Jesus validated the destruction and wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah in the gospels (Matthew 10:15, Matthew 11:24, Mark 6:11, Luke 10:12, Luke 17:29).

The first chapter in the Book of Romans states because men 'worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator,' God gave them over to a depraved mind to do those things that are not proper; men with men, women with women.

If you look at the condition of our state today, you have to wonder -- are we living in God's favor?

California allows Planned Parenthood to perform abortions without enforcing fully informed consent, is reducing penalties for homosexual acts by gay men on teenage boys, fought against voter bans on same-sex marriage and has long approved of the adoption of unwitting children to same-sex parents.

California Democratic lawmakers -- many of whom are non-native to California -- are destroying traditional family freedoms through legislation.

Solomon wrote: 'Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil' (Ecclesiastes 8:11).

Sex offenders should be executed -- soon after a judge says 'guilty.' Period. No tracking. No school distancing. No second offenders.

California has a death penalty. A death sentence for sex offenders is just. 

Why? It is society's inherent duty to defend and protect children from sexual predators -- heterosexual and homosexual -- and to allow children the freedom to run and play in neighborhoods and not be robbed of their childhood.

Registered sex offenders -- under a form of house arrest -- are required to register with the local police and file their arrest(s) in employment applications.

And as in alcoholism -- sex offenders are treatable, but incurable -- on a human level.

Published in a 1999 journal of the American Psychiatric Association, data amassed from numerous studies of about 7000 male sex offenders 'failed to provide any convincing evidence that treatment is effective in reducing recidivism of sexual offenses.'

California families live in bunker mentality

For decades, California suburban families have lived in a type of neighborhood 'house arrest' -- a bunker mentality where children are held in check, unable to explore and play for hours in the sunshine freely.

Surrounded by sexual predators -- California kids are robbed of life, spending  formative years housebound socializing on Instagram, YouTube or computer gaming.

'In an increasingly agrophobic society, parents are most fearful of the potential out there -- down the street, at the mall, in the canyon behind the house. So how do we adapt without locking our kids away from the richness and community of nature?' (1)

In the spring of 1993, two San Diego friends, Charlie Keever, 13, and Jonathan Sellers, 9, rode their bikes in a brush area of Otay Mesa they often played in. Their molested and strangled bodies were found two days later.

The killer -- thought to be a transient pedophile who lived in the brush -- escaped.

'... research has suggested that more than half of all women and one fifth of all men in the United States will be sexually assaulted at some point ...

... one study estimated that by the time rapists enter treatment, they had assaulted an average of seven victims and that nonincestuous pedophiles who molest boys had committed an average of 282 offenses against 150 victims ...

... the impact of these offenses on their victims can be devastating.' (2)

For example:

In 1978, sixteen year olds John Mayeski and Michael Baker were kidnapped at gunpoint while sitting in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box in Mira Mesa, San Diego. Their captors were Robert and Daniel Harris -- brothers who planned to use the teenager's car for a bank robbery. 

At an isolated location, the two boys were shot and killed by then 25 year old Robert Harris. After nearly 20 appeals, several stays and 14 years later, Harris was finally executed in San Quentin Prison's gas chamber in 1992.

Robert Harris -- raised in an abusive home -- had been repeatedly raped as a teen while serving time in federal juvenile detention center. (3) 

Perhaps if Harris had experienced a swift justice system for the sex crimes commited against him as a youth -- two boys might be alive today.

Effective January 1, 2021, California plans to initiate a three tier sex offender monitoring and registration system; Tier III is the worst offender.

No sane parent would leave a Tier I, II or III registered sex offender alone with their children, son or daughter -- even if the person confessed to a true repentance in Christ.

A Tier III sex offender is required to register for life; the cumulative effect is an increased risk and liability to the safety of the general public. 

Jesus said, 'Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea ... woe to the one by whom the temptation comes.' 

More than any other time, pastors, religious leaders who know good from evil, need to encourage their constituents to vote Republican up and down the November 3 ballot -- for the sake of our children's children. 

The Democratic-controlled California legislature hates God, hates traditional families and safe neighborhoods.

The gay agenda is 'to repeal all laws governing the age of consent' -- SB 145 is a means to that end.

Black Lives Matter (4) and the LGBT California legislature have united in the townsquare and surrounded the house; their bullhorns blare and their fists beat on the door to molest and dismantle the American traditional family.

Wake up. 


References: 1. 'Last Child in the Woods,' by Richard Louv, pg. 184; 2. 'Are Sex Offenders Treatable? A Research Review,' Psychiatry Today, March 1,1999, Vol. 50 No. 3, a journal of the American Psychiatric Association. 3."The 'Abuse Excuse' in Capital Sentencing Trials: Is It Relevant to Responsibility, Punishment, or Neither?" -University of Missouri, Summer 2005. 4. 'We do the work to dismantle cisgender privilege [identify with birth gender] ... we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.' -Black Lives Matter website.

-Photo (L): 'Recall Newsom.' -Photo by InterChurch News

You may respond to editorials: Please include a text number. 

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July 31, 2020 

Two campaign promises Trump must make to clinch the November 3rd win

President Donald J. Trump is the right leader at the right time to protect us from certain Socialist Democrat oppression, the COVID-19 economic crisis and the Red Sea of media corruption.

Trump will lead us into the promised land of constitutionally protected First Amendment freedom.

If not already a 2020 reelection slam dunk (remember slam dunks?), president Trump and the Republican Party can clinch up and down wins November 3 if his campaign promises Republicans will:

  1. Nominate Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the next U.S. Supreme Court justice seat.
  2. Provide a pathway to citizenship for the 11+ million undocumented immigrant Hispanics through military or community service.

Ted Cruz is a highly repected conservative, constitutional attorney who has argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

At 49, he would be the youngest of the sitting justices and though he has never been a judge (not required) -- a Cruz nomination would secure conservative Christian wisdom needed on the bench.

The promise of nominating Cruz to the Supreme Court would galvanize conservative voters to work even harder this election -- motivated to replace two -- even three -- court seats with a Trump selection.

Leaving America a conservative Supreme Court for decades to come is a lasting legacy Trump can deliver to safeguard our children's future and the institutions for which we stand.

And if Trump promises a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented Hispanics living and working in America -- we can start 2021 with a new chapter and vision for the future. 

We need the wall. In 2019, over 850,00 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border according U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The constant inflow of unregulated refugees or persons entering into the country create real economic, health and safety concerns for Americans.

It is worth noting refugees in Central and South America risk dying to get to America -- they flee corrupt, cartel-controlled countries, travel through corrupt, cartel-controlled countries, face hunger and die in American deserts from thirst and exposure.

Many -- if not most -- are sincere Catholics or Protestants. 

The pathway to citizenship Trump could offer is that at least one family member serves a minimum of two years in the military or community service.

And after two years of honorable service, the immediate family of the one who served is guarranteed a fast track citizenship. 

There has been a path to citizenship via military service, however legal permanent resident status is required (green card) -- and not a 100% of the citizenship applicants are then granted.

A pathway to citizenship through military or community service is a win-win in November.

The Party of Lincoln, should be the politcal party to initiate a bold path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented Hispanics working and living in fear of arrest and deportation.

Earned citizenship -- earned respect. It's the right move.

American consevative evangelicals are ready today to vote -- November cannot arrive fast enough. We've heard and seen enough. 

For example:

Robert Mueller's special counsel team concluded it 'did not identify evidence that any U.S. persons conspired or coordinated with [Russian social media campaign] and further it 'did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.'

Repeat: 'Did not identify evidence ... did not establish'

We witnessed aggressive, sometimes pre-dawn FBI raids at the offices and homes of Trump associates Paul Manafort (a campaign manager), Michael Cohen (attorney) and Roger Stone (friend).

According to 'The Mueller Report,' the special counsel 'issued 2,800 supoenas, 500 search and seizure warrants, interviewed nearly 500 witnesses... almost 80 before a grand jury.'  

Trump was falsly accused for two years of being 'a traitor' by liberal media talking heads. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC salivated nightly over 'we got him now' innuendos and false leaks.

Does anyone -- other than conservatives -- refer to the Mueller report today?

We witnessed Democrats politically lynch judge Brett Kavanaugh -- a Catholic -- during his job interview as U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee.

Democrat Senators Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker blindsided and smeared Kavanaugh in front of his children -- and the public courtroom of America -- with allegations of sexual assault.

We witnessed Democrats rush to impeach the president on hearsay testimony over quid pro quo allegations of Trump withholding appropriated weapons to Ukraine to wrest political favors. 

This Democrat lynch mob impeached the president in a near party line House vote -- which failed in the Senate. It was spearheaded by California Congressman Adam Schiff (D). Enough said. 

This week, a feeding frenzy ensued among House Democrats as they sat Attorney General William Barr in view who said he doesn't believe systemic racism exists in law enforcement -- or in America.

Barr also defended the right of federal government to protect federal buildings -- when local government fails -- as in the case of Portland, Oregon which placates unhappy ex-2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders minions.

For over four months, we have witnessed the shut down of California's jobs, schools and the silencing of in-person church services by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom who failed to protect small businesses in Long Beach and Santa Monica from Black Lives Matter protestors and looters. 

We witnessed Democrat-run cities allow 'Black Lives Matter' graffiti to be painted on public streets -- including in front of NYC's Trump Tower.

A .com organization with several branches in America, Black Lives Matter advocates defunding police; BLM is 'queer affirming,' Their chapter websites do not condemn the destruction and looting of businesses since May 25 (George Floyd's arrest and death) nor the beatings of store owners protecting their stores.

Conservatives are ready to cast their vote. 

Trump can clinch the win November 3 if the campaign adds two new promises:

1) Promise to nominate Ted Cruz as the next Supreme Court nominee.

2) Promise Hispanics an opportunity to earn citizenship by providing a genuine pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants already in the United States through military or community service.

And may God bless president Donald J. Trump.



Photos: Santa Monica's famed Third Street Promenade (upper, L)  is absent shoppers in what normally is the peak of summer tourism in July.  About a dozen storefronts on and near the Promenade are still boarded up (below) after windows were smashed and stores looted when Black Lives Matter street protests erupted following the death of George Floyd. BLack Lives Matter chapter websites have yet to condemn the destruction and looting of small businesses locally and throughout America. For further reference see: 'The Stated Goals of Black Lives Matter are Anti-Christian,' Decision Magazine. 



-Photos InterChurch News

The Missing Life Lesson: The $20 Counterfeit Bill -- The Black Owner is Now Dead, America is Burning 

Riverside, Calif., InterChurch News, June 5, 2020

Warning: graphic images in links to 'black Christian lives slaughtered in NIgeria' and 'Islamic State beheaded, crucified, raped and was trafficking in human souls.'

A $20 counterfeit bill.

America burns from protests and looting stemming from the death of George Floyd -- a black man -- while under arrest in Minneapolis for passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

We emphatically support law enforcement and President Donald Trump's offer to employ federal troops to cities in chaos.

We support curfews and Martial Law to restore law and order to our country.

In Minneapolis, 530 businesses have either been looted or vandalized -- at least 67 businesses were destroyed by fire.

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Long Beach businesses were looted and set on fire by protesters and looters who outnumbered police. The National Guard was called.

Prior to this outrage, Californians were ordered to stay home for two months from Governer Gavin Newsom. Public gatherings were prohibited.

Churches -- who hold peaceful assemblies -- were forced to close their doors. 

Businesses folded. People lost their dreams, jobs, lives and faith-based activities over the coronavirus non-essential worker 'stay home' Orders.

What happened to George Floyd in Minnepolis is tragic. 

But, the aftermath of his untimely and unneccesary death -- is even worse. Looting major stores, mom and pop businesses across America, smashing windows, setting fires and destroying the livelihood of hopeful, hardworking innocent people -- is a national disgrace. 

Protestors attempt to separate themselves from looters -- like sheep and goats. But law enforcement is forced to be occupied with the shouting protestors without leadership -- and looters take advantage. 

The silent majority watches: they see a double standard. Hundreds to thousands of often unmasked and not socially distanced protestors gather in streets -- against the COVID-19 restrictions. Looters roam freely destroying stores.

All this as the state set a maximum of 100 persons to assemble and pray in churches. Megachurch in-person services hold between 1000 to 3000 Christians.

Black lives matter. Yes, they do. But what about pandemic Orders? What about other people's lives?

Where is Black Lives Matter when black men kill black men -- if black lives matter?

The FBI's 'Crime in The United States, 2018report states while whites were responsible for 234 of the 2,925 black-African Americans murdered that year, 2,600 of those murders were by black-African Americans.

Twenty-six hundred. 

In comparison, 3,315 whites were murdered in 2018: 2,677 by whites, 514 by black-African Americans.

In 2016, Harvard University economcs professor Roland G. Fryer published 'An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force' and found 'on non-lethal uses of force, blacks and Hispanics are more than fifty percent more likely to experience some form of force in interactions with police.' 

But to his surprise, Fryer --  a black man -- found that 'on the most extreme use of force -- officer-involved shootings -- we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account.'

Black Lives Matter. Yes. And black Christian lives slaughtered in Nigeria on or around Christmas Day 2019 by Islamic State matter (Warning: graphic images).

Black Lives Matter was silent in 2014-2015 when Islamic State beheaded, crucified, raped and was trafficking human souls -- Christian and non-Muslim -- in Iraq and Syria (Warning: graphic images).

A protest then would have spoke volumes for their 'lives matter' cause. But there was silence in American streets.

The now fired and arrested white police officer -- Derek Chauvin -- and his fellow officers (also fired and arrested) deserve a trial. Justice demands their day in court. Let all the evidence be presented.

An edited cell phone image does not convict someone of murder in America. It might in a third world country. But not here. 

The missing life lesson: If Floyd knowingly passed a $20 counterfeit bill to buy a pack of cigarettes, then this seemingly insignificant act set off a chain of other actions which became a catalyst for a perfect storm.

Maybe Floyd's preferred legacy would be: 'Don't do what I did.'  

A counterfeit $20 bill. And America is burning.


Not an Epidemic

Riverside, Calif., InterChurch News, May 17, 2020

'The angel of death has flown over,' said author and social critic Oz Guinness recently in reference to the coronavirus pandemic spreading -- like the flu -- across the world.

California's March 19 response to the coronavirus spread was to order it's essentially-healthy taxpayer workforce to stay home.

For California, 'stay home' has lasted two months.

For two months, the California business engine has been quiet, schools closed.

To date, 87,315 U.S. deaths are associated with the contagious COVID-19 disease.

Yet, COVID-19 is not an epidemic.

And to date, the CDC's Coronavirus site uses terms like COVID-19 illness, disease, virus, community spread, outbreak and yes, pandemic.

The missing word: epidemic.

An epidemic threshold does not a pandemic make. 

The coronavirus case-fatality ratio (CFR) in the United States -- with the exception of New York City -- does not meet the epidemic threshold set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to gage the severity of flu spreads.

Here's why: The B.C. (Before Covid) CDC epidemic threshold -- comparing the number of confirmed cases with the nunber of confirmed deaths -- for a flu spread was 7.3%. *

It's simple math: Cases divided by 7.3%  equals the number of deaths required to upgrade a flu spread to an 'epidemic threshold' status.

In a February 24, 2020 summary, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported a COVID-19 case-fatality ratio of 2.3% (1023 deaths among 44,672 confirmed cases). 

And it's not apples and oranges to apply the CDC flu epidemic threshold to the COVID-19 disease.

As of May 15, a sampling of U.S. COVID-19 cases and deaths reveal the CDC's 7.3 % epidemic threshold is not there -- again with the  exception of New York City's outbreak:

Riverside County: 5,618 cases x 7.3% = 410 deaths (242 is the actual death number reported, or about 4.3%). 

California: 76,793 cases x 7.3% = 5,605 deaths (3,204 actual death number reported, or about 4.2%). 

U.S.: 1,435,098 cases x 7.3% = 104,762 deaths (87,315 CDC deaths reported, or about 6.2%). **

New York City: 189,031 cases x 7.3% = 13,799 (15,756 confirmed deaths, or about 8.4% -- exceeds epidemic threshold.  

A recent New York Times article, 'Your Nose Itches. Is it Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?' states 'the vast majority of those infected [with COVID-19] get only mild cases that often resemble the flu.'

That article is an excerpt from a chapter in a March New York Times free e-book guide to coronavirus. Interviewing Dr. Amesh Adalja, a John Hopkins Center for Health Security infectious disease specialist, the article sums up:

'The general advice for people who get sick with the flu or coronavirus is very similar: rest and drink plenty of fluid.' 

Contracting COVID-19 is not an automatic death sentence.

So let's do the math:

The New York Times in mid-March and late April basically equates flu with coronavirus and prescribes a standard 'stay home if your sick' routine.

The CDC's epidemic threshold formula disqualifies the vast majority of towns, cities counties -- even states -- as not having a coronavirus epidemic.

On March 19, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered California's vast essentially-healthy taxpayer workforce to stay home to 'flatten the curve' of projected oncoming hospitalizations.

California flattened the curve. By April 29, Riverside County reported only 215 COVID-19-related hospitalizations -- 9000 had been projected.

Requested by Newsom and arriving March 26 as a backup hospital, the 1000 bed hospital ship USNS Mercy ported out of Los Angeles May 15 after treating only 77 patients for non-COVID-19 ailments.

Newsom's stay home chalkboard has not seen an eraser since March 19. In fact, his March 19 order to 'stay home' has confined-to-quarters essentially-healthy taxpayers for two months. 

Does it add up?

Or is what we've got here a 'failure to communicate?' ***

References: The CDC's 7.3% flu epidemic threshold dropped recently to 6.6% noted in the May 9 Pnuemonia and Flu Mortality Weekly Report. Coincidentally, the CDC's reported U.S. mortality total for the 2017-2018 flu season was revised from the two year standing at 80,00 deaths to suddently 61,000 during the COVID-19 crisis.

** New York state reports over 27,000 COVID-19 related deaths to date -- nearly 1/3 of total U.S. COVID-19 related deaths. If New York state averaged in with the nationwide COVID-19 death toll, the U.S. COVID-19 related death rate would reduce from the 6.2% to about 4.1%. 

*** 'What we've got here is a failure to communicate.' Quote from 1967 movie 'Cool Hand Luke' said by a prison warden and later sarcastically restated from escaped convict (Paul Newman) -- serving time for stealing from city parking meters.


And to Those Who 'Have'

Riverside, Calif., InterChurch News, April 9, 2020

Dear Haves:

Please expedite the first wave of coronavirus stimulus payments to Have-not Californians.


'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.'

To mitigate COVID-19, the Haves -- California's political and public health officials -- ordered school kids to sit out the rest of the school year (June 19th) and 'non-essential' workers to stay home until May 1st.

Tell a single mom working at SuperCuts or in a school cafeteria she's non-essential. Tell a Uber driver or a landscaper feeding a family of four -- they are non-essential.

Non-essentials filed for unemployment: 16.8 million nationwide in three weeks; California has processed 2.1 million claims since March 1st -- over 900,000 in the most recent week.

'Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.'

Public health orders prohibit owners of motels and hotels from renting rooms to non-essentials, to regular traveling folk -- so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Instead, rather than face total vacancy, they can convert clean suites to emergency beds for the at-risk homeless, to those infected with the COVID-19 virus or -- to 'essential' workers (good luck not getting infected themselves and renting rooms in the future).

'Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.'

It's puzzling the public is ordered to stay home to 'flatten the curve' of COVID-19 -- and to do so lose paychecks, jobs, businesses and fall further



into debt, facing rent, mortgages -- putting food before bills.

And at the same time, under stress about their job loss, mounting bills, they are ordered to wear masks, bandanas, face coverings as they go outside and into grocery stores, convenience stores -- and banks.

'And lead us not into temptation ...'

The coronavirus has taken away jobs, paychecks weekly church gatherings, strolls in the parks, beaches and ski slopes.

The Haves are pulling up the anchors of the Have-nots.

'... but deliver us from evil.'

In Riverside County, less than 35 people as of this writing are known to have died from COVID-19.

That's in a popluation of over 2.2 million.

Will the virus beat us? It's destroying our economic harbor, and isolating us from the pier of our religious institutions.

How long will the Have-nots remain patient with what the Haves have demanded of them?

Politicians get steady checks and benefits during the American coronavirus crisis. Public health officials ... 'essential' workers get their paychecks.

The stay-at-home honeymoon (ha) will fade quickly after Easter.

The Have-nots -- the Californians that have not see one, two, three or more paychecks and have not heard from an overwhelmed Economic Development Department -- need stimulus checks ASAP.

And secondly, they -- as the great American hard workers they are -- need to get back to work.



Obey the authority first; question later


Riverside, Calif., InterChurch News, March 18, 2020

As California graples with coronavirus fears, the tangible loss of jobs, closures of schools, churches and empty shelves at markets, Gov. Gavin Newsom suggested the use of martial law -- if neccesary.

Gov. Newsom put the California National Guard on alert.

There are lines at gun shops.

In Riverside County, our church, schools, jobs and LA Fitness workouts are controlled by one man: Dr. Cameron Kaiser, the Public Health Officer.of the County of Riverside.

Until the coronavirus, Dr. Kaiser -- who graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2003 -- worked concurrently from the public spotlight as a County family practitioner earning an annual base salary of over $250,000 in 2018.

Dr. Kaiser has risen from obscurity to combat COVID-19 and is exerting the power to control -- and save -- the lives of 2.4 million people in Riverside County.

Dr. Kaiser's orders on March 12, 1316 -- endorsed by County Counsel Gregory P. Priamos -- closed doors to schools, jobs, synagogues, churches and mosques even as their communities prepare for Passover, Easter and Ramadan in April.

Does the County ... does Dr. Kaiser, have the authority to limit a constitutionally protected church service -- or any religious service -- to 10 persons? 

The potential fallout to suddenly move church online is indeed concerning to the health of congregational infrastructure and funding. 

But so is COVID-19. 

Of the 16 confirmed cornavirus cases in Riverside County, three elderly persons in Coachella have died as of March 17 and two new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in western Riverside County.

Riverside County is a haven for retirees, retirement communities and nursing homes with its high desert-like weather -- Palm Springs, Hemet, Sun City are high density populations of aging babyboomers and beyond.

InterChurch News reached out to the County Counsel's office to cite a Health and Safety Code or Government Code that specifies Public Health's jurisdiction over religious institutions. 

At this writing, the Counsel's office has not responded.

Churches are complying -- but pastors have said on websites they have sought or are seeking clarification from the County and church attorneys. 

Churches are non-profit corporations vested in people and communities; some believe they are as necessary as hospitals.

However, to not obey the evolving orders of Dr. Kaiser, puts parishioners and the community-at-large in jeopardy of contracting COVID-19 -- which is a proven killer.

We can point to the 22,000 deaths in America so far from this season's flu: 'Yeah well, they haven't forced churches to go online over that!'

Or the 80,000 deaths in America during the flu season of 2017-2018: 'Yeah well, they didn't shut down schools and churches then!'

But this virus is something new, there is no vaccine, it could mutate; Newt Gingrich who lives in Italy -- the new coronavirus epicenter -- said America needs to 'act now,' and 'act big.' 

For churches not yet in full compliance: it's one thing to take a personal risk to seek fellowship in a church tonight.

It is quite another to wake up and put innocent family members, coworkers and cashiers at risk tomorrow.

In the Book of James it says:

"... you say to them 'Go in peace, be warmed and filled,' without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?"

"So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead' (James 2:16-17).

Dr. Kaiser needs our prayers for wisdom -- and our full cooperation. 

Obey the authority first, ask questions later. 

Or Riverside will soon be under martial law. 

God bless. 


Mr. President: Stop Name-Calling Citizens 


Riverside, Calif., InterChurch News, October 16, 2018


What harm can one name-calling tweet do?

Relishing the recent news cycle, president Trump and the Republican Party seemed to be on the road to good -- if not excellent -- mid-term results.

Voter eyes were opened wide during the Democrats' media cyber-lynching of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh . -- accused by three women within 13 days of attempted rape, gang rape and indecent exposure from alleged incidents way back in high school.

The Democrats -- primarily Sen. Dianne Feinstein's -- inability to protect the privacy of the first and primary accuser, Dr. Christine Blassey Ford, as well as to respect the name and legal rights of Judge Kavanaugh, was inexusable.

Nevertheless, Judge Kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed on a Senate party line vote following an FBI investigation that found 'no corroboration' to the allegations.

A brutal, but lasting triumph for president Donald Trump.

There were two hurricane news stories -- Forence and Michael. America witnessed quick and effecient relief responses by Washington D.C.

America saw the president walking in the devastated neighborhoods and handing out bottled water to survivors. 

The First Lady is seen in a rare interview while touring Africa -- it is well received.

Two days later, a '60 Minutes' interview with president Trump by veteran journalist Leslie Stahl also went politically well for Trump -- no fatal gaffes.  

During the same weekend, imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson is released from a Turkish prison after the Trump administration and others intervened.

Within 24-hours, pastor Brunson is in the Oval Office praying for president Trump.

Another victory for conservatism.

Economy reports remain solid. America is working. The stock market rebounded.

Even as Sen. Elizabeth Warren reported a DNA test proved she is 1/64th Native American -- the Cherokee nation rebuked her.

More victories.

In the same news cycle, a California federal judge rules in Trump's favor over a defamation lawsuit brought by porn star Stormy Daniels.

She will owe Trump's legal fees. 

Three weeks of good news for Donald Trump -- and the hopeful Republican 'Red Wave' in November is looking good.

But then ..

But then the president tweeted early Tuesday morning:

"'Federal Judge throws out Stormy Daniels lawsuit versus Trump. Trump entitled to full legal fees.' @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing about me, a total con!" 

'Horseface:' One word. One name-call. An unnecessary tweet.

Is the mid-term Red Wave vaporized with one tweet?

What the president did is wrong. 'Horseface' is an indecent remark to a female American citizen from the White House.

Indecent: a) improper b) morally offensive; obscene (Websters New World Dictionary, 2002).

Daniels' reputation as a porn star, stripper and Trump-suer does not warrant name-calling from the president.

Not only is it morally wrong, name-calling will turn public opinion (voters) -- in her favor.

A careless tweet may stall a donation or cause a conservative pastor to hesitate in encouraging his 150-member church on Sunday to vote on Tuesday.

It puts Daniels alleged pre-presidential illicit affair with Trump back in the news cycle -- erasing weeks of well-earned favorable news.

The Bible says: "There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing" (Proverbs 12:18).

Jesus said: "I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matthew 12:36-37).

The 2016 Trump victory is shared by Americans who desire to "drain the swamp" and make America great again.

But inappropriate remarks or tweets of a women's features -- even as public figures are fair and legal game for ridicule (see Saturday Night Live) -- will not set well with conservative Evangelical voters. 

Public name-calling from the president ignites the baseness in society -- it lowers the bar for bullying in public schools, in workplaces or waiting in line at a fast food restaurant.

Mr. President: Name-calling needs to end today. 

.References: 1. 'The 487 People, Places and Things Trump has insulted on Twitter,' -NY Times.


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Kavanaugh's SCOTUS Job Interview - A National Disgrace

Riverside, Calif., InterChurch NewsOctober 6, 2018

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

Brett Kavanaugh?

After the 'he said, she said' Ford-Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein said,

'Candidly, in the 25 years on this Committee, I have never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner.' 

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

Three sexual assault accusations were leveled at 53-year old SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh within 13 days.

He sat down to face the Senate Judiciary Committee September 27th. In real time, it was still a job interview.

He was alleged to have committed these crimes by three female accusers in three separate incidents while in his high school and college years.

He took a seat before the Judiciary to defend his -- and his family's -- good name and honor. 

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

Was he angry? Yes. Was he partisan? Well, he called a spade a spade.

Kavanaugh called the accusations, 'A calculated and orchestrated political hit.'

Was he too emotional? 

Consider: Democratic senators (who otherwise preach tolerance) mob-interrogated Kavanaugh, who is an otherwise well-respected practicing Catholic and jurist.

Kavanaugh -- to them -- was guilty without a trial. Yet, there was 'no corroboration' from named witnesses of his first and 'attempted rape' accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

NO matter. Her '100%' sure-it-was-him testimony alone was enough to convict. Somebody get a rope. 

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

Sixty-five women from high school to the present vouched for Kavanaugh's character in a signed letterSixty-five.

Kavanaugh had passed six FBI background checks in his professional life. 

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

The print, broadcast and social media echoed each and every new conceived allegation. There were protests, sit-ins, hate letters ... Judge Kavanaugh was portrayed as a sexual predator, a liar, a drunk -- a white, privileged, beer keg guzzling male. 

One MSNBC female commentator piped in: 'He looks like someone who would do something like that.'

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

Flashback to the late Sen. John McCain. As an American Vietnam War POW in Hanoi -- McCain was tortured repeatedly by his captors: physically, but also with lies, propaganda and mental fatigue.

He broke. McCain finally broke. And Kavanaugh broke also. He displayed righteous indignation, fighting at times for control of his emotions, flipping pages of notes, repetitive sips of bottled water. Combative. 

Feinstein: 'Candidly, in the 25 years on this Committee, I have never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner.'

Attempted rape. Flasher. Serial gang rapist.

September 27th may well be a flashpoint in American history. A national Senate Judicial Committee disgrace. A wake up call to decent Americans.

Americans witnessed a respected SCOTUS nominee be sucker-punched with a serious accusation of attempted rape from nearly 40-years ago. Democratic senators, especially Kamala Harris, treated the accused guilty as charged, and the accuser as a wounded heroine. 

This is perhaps criminal.

There is the indignity of Sen. Feinstein not addressing Ford's accusation in a private interview with Kavanaugh when she had ample time and opportunity.

To witness unneccesary visible pain to Kavanaugh's wife, father and mother; how injust it is that he as a father is forced to explain to his children why dad's name is in the news.

It's the failure to administer fairness to judge Kavanaugh by the Senate Judiciary Democrats that ought to awaken the minuteman roots of American conservatives to defeat them in the upcoming mid-terms.

Feinstein: 'Candidly, in the 25 years on this Committee, I have never seen a nominee for any position behave in that manner.'

Republicans will vote November 6. 

As Sen. Lindsey Graham said looking across the Senate chamber that September day at smug Democrats, 'You all want power. I hope you never get it!'


.References: 1. Supplemental FBI Investigation Executive Summary, Oct. 4, 2018 2. 'No Corroboration'. The New American, Oct. 5, 2018 3. 'Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine.' Sen. John McCain's Complicted Moral Legacy on Torture. Vox, Sept.1, 2018. / 4. "You have violated all the camp regulations. You're a black criminal. You must confess your crimes." I said I wouldn't do that, and he asked, "Why are you so disrespectful to the guards?" I answered, "Because the guards treat me like an animal." -John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account, US News & World Report, Jan. 1, 2008

Documents: 5. Grassley Letter to Sen. Feinstein re Dr. Ford's July 30 letter, Sept. 19, 2018. 6. Ford Polygraph Report7. Judge Kavanaugh Fires Back at Latest Allegation, Sept. 24, 2018. 8. Grassley Interview w/Kavanaugh Over New Allegations, Sept. 25, 2018. 9.  Dr. Ford's Written Testimony, Sept. 26, 2018. 10. Prepared Written Testimony of Judge Kavanaugh, Sept 26, 2018. 11. Kavanaugh's Summer of 1982 Calendar. 12. Ford ex-boyfriend letter contradicts her fear of flying, small spaces, polygraph testing testimony, October 2, 2018.


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