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'Communicating to the neccesities of the saints.' -Romans 12:13 (ASV)

 Vol. VIII #6 | March 22 - 31, 2020 


Jesus said: 

'Get behind Me, Satan;

for you are not setting your mind on the things of God,

but on the things of man.'

 -Mark 8:33

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 'I will not forget your word.' -Psalm 119:16 

News & Notable: Local 

The winds blew: High winds in Riverside Tuesday, February 11, toppled a 60-foot pine tree (top, left) onto unoccupied parked cars on Andrew Street.

All dogs welcome: The Swedish-owned IKEA in San Diego (L) allows dogowners to bring dogs into the inside cafeteria (R). That policy includes nonservice, noncomfort or homeless-owned, said the manager. Two dogs barked at each other briefly during this breakfast.

San Diego and California health and safety codes prohibit nonservice dogs in inside dining areas.

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News & Notable

Vol VIII #3 | February 15 - 29

The Bible says: 1 Peter 2:17 | Jesus said: Mark 8:33

Cover photo (L): 'Pray then like this ...' (Matthew 6:9). -Adobe Stock photo

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